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YouTube Shorts: TikTok’s Rival Hits the Market

YouTube Shorts: TikTok’s Rival Hits the Market

YouTube is one of the most popular applications today, and it is now about to get a major boost of popularity with the launch of its new application, YouTube Shorts. However, for now, the new program will only be available in the Indian market and will eventually expand to other countries over time. As evident by the recent series of events, the reason why the team may have chosen India in particular for the YouTube Shorts launch is the recently imposed infamous ban on TikTok in India.

Luckily for Indians, and unluckily for the TikTok creators, the new YouTube shorts is just as good as TikTok, or even better. TikTok’s most common users were Asian, mainly located in the Indian region. From ten-year-old kids passionate about acting to middle-aged people just having a fun time, TikTok was a major hit and even a form of pathway for individuals to become famous as their videos got viral on multiple social media platforms. Obviously, all these people took the TikTok’s ban quite sadly as they lost one of their main entertainment platforms. However, YouTube Shorts has come just in time to cheer them up and provide them an even better platform.

YouTube Shorts has some amazing features that get it all the attention. Some of them are as follows:

  1. 15-second videos: With YT Shorts, less is more. The app gives you the ability to record videos of up to 15 seconds with a number of filters and creative tools.
  2. Multi-segment camera: This is one of the features of YT Shorts that make it an improved version of TikTok. It has multi-segment cameras through which you can create a combined series of separate videos, allowing the users more flexibility for creativity in content.
  3. Speed controls: The app will also let the user control the speed of the recorded videos, so slow motion or fast forwarded videos are an expected trend on it.
  4. Timer and countdown: YouTube Shorts will feature a timer option along with a countdown feature to provide convenient recording, so that the focus stays on creating good content rather than managing the recording controls.
  5. Swipe to view: YT Shorts is expected to have a Swipe feature to view videos made by other content creators on the app.

In short, the new app launched by YouTube is coming into the Indian market (and hopefully to the global market soon) with fun features and an expanded potential of having the users’ videos viewed as it will promote the app directly on YouTube which, needless to say, will generate a lot of traffic and engagement.

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