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Whether you are a startup or an enterprise, we craft websites and mobile apps that meet the highest level of creativity, user experience, and modern technology.

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Fast, Unique, and Flawless Design - We at DymaxTech ensure that our work ticks all the boxes you are looking for. We believe an SEO-optimized website is your digital brand identity that accelerates your conversion and drives more traffic.

Unlock new opportunities and increase operational efficiency. From customized development to coding your vision, our team of expert website developers and strategists will assist you in designing a cutting-edge website.

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    Our Application
    Development Life Cycle

    Phase 1: Application Requirements Analysis

    The Business Analyst, Project Manager, and Development Team work together to perform requirement analysis that will evaluate the need of the client to ensure Quality Assurance and Technical Viability and identify Potential Risks.

    Phase 2: Planning (Feasibility Study)

    After the Requirement Analysis, we will craft a Software Requirement Specification document. It has everything which ought to be structured and cover all the types of feasibilities checks as explained by the client.

    Phase 3: Designing

    From High-Level Design (HLD) to Low-Level Design (LLD), the team will then prepare the system and software design to define the entire system infrastructure. It is the foundation for the next coding step and contains Architecture Diagrams, Database Details, Complete Interface Information, Modules, etc.

    Phase 4: Development

    The development phase is a long, imaginative process. It is hence, divided into multiple tasks for specific module development. In this phase, Developers utilize the coding standards, build the interface and perform unit testing.

    Phase 5: Testing

    To ensure that the software addresses the needs outlined during the planning phase, the team will perform a series of tests against each requirement. Unit tests, integration tests, system tests, acceptance tests, and non-functional tests are all executed as functional tests.

    Phase 6: Maintenance

    Once the application is live, the system will be put in maintenance mode. This phase focuses on bug fixing, upgrading to new versions, and enhancements in software.

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