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How to Convert More Prospects on Social Media: 4 Step Plan

How to Convert More Prospects on Social Media: 4 Step Plan

Social media conversions are one of the most challenging yet most rewarding aspects of digital marketing. With most businesses evolving digitally, it is only natural to have social media as a key platform to generate prospects. However, the same popularity of social media platforms that give businesses an edge also encourages market competition. In fact, there are now so many brands marketing themselves on social media that only a few get attention from social media users, and that too, for only a few seconds. Just like any other marketing strategy, social media requires some techniques and strategies in order for a brand to reap its maximum benefits, especially when it comes to increasing conversion rates.

Tips to Convert More Prospects on Social Media Platforms:

  1. Create customized content: Each social media platform has its own specialty and its own content trends. While Instagram posts get most engagement from good photography and well-chosen hashtags, Facebook content is based more on what is written and how it is written. Similarly, Twitter has an entirely separate market and content trend. The secret of better conversion rates lies in creating more engagement, and one of the most important methods to do that is to create unique and customized content for each of the social media platforms your brand markets on. Customers react to what you write, so write with a purpose.
  2. Identify the right market: Even the best of the marketing strategies would fail if they are targeted to the wrong market. Social media gives your brand access to reach all kinds of people, but it is important to refine and narrow down your chosen market by age, demographics, and other factors to make your social media marketing more effective in its delivery. For example, marketing a DSLR camera would require that the brand addresses to artistic, creative people who are more likely to be photographers or travelers.
  3. Reach out to influencers: Just like traditional advertising uses celebrity endorsement in TV commercials, social media marketing can largely benefit in engagement and effectiveness by reaching out to social media influencers. For example, if the world famous make-up artist/brand HudaBeauty promotes a make-up brand on her page, that brand will experience an immediate boost in engagement and sales as Huda’s followers will be influenced to try the brand. Normally, social media influencers can be anyone with a good number of followers, and those followers can then reach your brand through them. Many brands now send PR packages (free gifts or trial products) to those social media influencers to get reviews done by them.
  4. Make visually appealing posts: Video content is the most engaging content there can be on social media. Social media users spend a lot of time and attention watching videos, and when scrolling down their News Feeds, videos are more likely to grab their attention rather than written content. Even then, the first 10-30 seconds of a social media video are what decide your brand’s impression, and hence, decide the conversion of the prospects.

All in all, social media marketing is all about awareness and engagement which becomes the basis of increased conversion rates. Just be creative with your marketing strategies to convert as many prospects on social media as you can reach.

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