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Looking for a LinkedIn Engagement Plan to Follow? This BLOG is for You!

Looking for a LinkedIn Engagement Plan to Follow? This BLOG is for You!

Along with several other digital platforms, LinkedIn has established itself as a major social network for professionals and businesses. However, unlike Facebook and other casual social media platforms, LinkedIn operates a tad bit differently when it comes to marketing yourself or your brand. Generating engagement on this platform seems to be a challenge because most people do not know how to create and post the right content for their profiles or pages. Here is a list of tips that can guide you through LinkedIn marketing, thus, allowing your brand to generate more engagement.

  1. Know What You Are Doing: Many people or brands have a LinkedIn profile just for the sake of online presence rather than online activities or marketing. That’s okay, too. The important part is just being clear on your intended use of a particular networking platform. What do you want to use LinkedIn for? Do you just want your brand to have a presence there? Do you want to make your brand recognised by relevant users, suppliers, and competitors? Or, do you want to maintain your brand’s profile to present it to different market opportunities? It is entirely up to your goals. However, by ‘brand’, it can also mean ‘you’, so any tips that you follow here are applicable to you or a business alike.
  2. Get Suited and Ready to Go: LinkedIn is home to a number of professional profiles and hence, amazing opportunities. Hence, ensure that your profile is complete, professional, and ready to be presented to such opportunities. A good business profile on the platform usually includes a professional picture of the person (avoid selfies), a headline of who you are, a brief introduction or description, a comprehensive work history section, and skills and qualifications.
  3. Engage to Generate Engagement: Every action has an opposite reaction. Therefore, in order to receive engagement from other users, you will need to engage with others, too. Set a schedule or take out some time regularly to check what your connections are up to. Research newer entrants in your industry and engage with them. Respond to messages or comments as soon as you can.To summarize, just be there.
  4. Create Interesting Content to Post: Just like other social networking platforms, content that you post on LinkedIn should be interesting and engaging. Some effective ideas for content to post on your LinkedIn profile include work anniversaries or professional celebrations, achievements, progress on current projects, professional tips, inspiring experiences, and events. Basically, giving your connections a sneak peak of your professional life and your business projects can stir some good responses while increasing your reliability on the platform.

It is always beneficial to expand your business and marketing strategies. Not many people are aware of LinkedIn being a social media marketing network and that is a market gap that your business can fill. With the right combination of the engagement tactics listed above, your business (or your individual professional profile) can reap great benefits in achieving your goals through the platform.

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