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5 Steps to Earn Money from Amazon Affiliate Marketing

5 Steps to Earn Money from Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon has been in the money-making business since long now. It has allowed many people to earn, from the ease of their homes, dollars with its affiliate marketing features. In fact, many digital marketers and influencers have been able to make millions by using Amazon affiliate marketing simply as a part-time or even full-time job. In simplest terms, Amazon Affiliate marketing is basically the use of hyperlinks to send traffic from your website to one of Amazon’s listed products and getting paid for the clicks or purchases made through those referral links.

It is not difficult to get yourself acquainted to its basic functions, but it is indeed tricky doing things the right way in order to generate money. Here are 5 simple steps to guide you towards getting started as an Amazon affiliate marketer.

  1. Setting Your Grounds: You need to mark your territory and identify which niche you want to operate in. The Amazon affiliate program has a list of all niches with their respective payout rates. For example, luxury beauty and video games have a payout rate of 10% which is amongst the highest ones. Hence, see which niche appeals most to you, has a good market, has potential for growth, and pays well, too.
  2. The Keywords to Success: Once you know which niche you are targeting, it is time to research the relevant keywords of the market. Study which keywords are trending relating to your niche and incorporate them effectively into your website’s content. Keep an eye on the competition of your chosen keywords and mix and match accordingly.
  3. Identify Your Base Platform: Do some more research and decide on a publishing platform. You could either create your own website/blog or you may choose to publish your content through already established platforms like YouTube or LinkedIn etc. However, it is notable that while websites may reap benefits in the long run, platforms that are already trusted and used by the market will likely give you a faster ranking and success. For best results, use both outlets.
  4. Create Engaging Content: Write some amazing content to lure people in and optimize them for best rankings. On-Page SEO is essential during this step in order to maintain your rank, generate traffic, and encourage increased click-through rates. If your content convinces the viewers, they will eventually begin trusting you and clicking your links, and even purchasing Amazon products from your referral links!
  5. Be Patient but Active: The last step is to continue publishing optimized content alongside remarketing your already published content on social media and other platforms. This way, you will be generating traffic soon. However, be patient during this stage because you won’t be earning much money, if any, during the first four to eight months during which your website is still taking the time to find its way up on Google rankings.

If you find yourself struggling even after all these steps and time, try link building and other strategies to amp up your content. Given that affiliate marketing is increasingly popular, it is going to be profitable in the long run.


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