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4 Tips to Use LinkedIn for Business Startups

LinkedIn for Business Startups

4 Tips to Use LinkedIn for Business Startups

Are you an entrepreneur with firm ideas for a good business startup, but do not know where to start with, or which tools to use? Then you have come to the right place. Though a lot of business promotion tools have been introduced over the years if you want to kick start a business and you do not find yourself with a significant presence on LinkedIn, then you’re missing out on an open treasure chest buried in the backyard of your home. But why use LinkedIn for business startups?

For someone stepping with a small business that’s just stepping into the market, it is absolutely vital to make use of free promotional tools and interactive applications that would convey your identity to the masses. While making use of LinkedIn for business startups, you open your company to a vast world of links and connections, providing you a beacon to set yourself afoot upon. Now that you know that LinkedIn could be the turning point for your business, here are some of our tips for how you could exploit the several features and opportunities of LinkedIn for Business Startups.


Table of Content:

  • Create a Strong Profile (Personal and Company)
  • Set your Goal (How high do you aim?)
  • Come Up with Interesting Posts (Woo them right in)
  • Engage with popular groups (Employee Engagement is key)


Create a Strong Profile:

The foremost step to start using LinkedIn for business startups, one needs to set himself upon the platform. Now with this profile of yours, you should aim to be looking enthusiastic, creative and full of ideas for your brand and for the community. The LinkedIn community has a taste of engaging with people that carry brilliant theories and problem-solving ideas with them, so you should look to build up and carry that persona for both your personal and company profile.

Now with the profiles set up, look to make connections. Start adding people that do not only have a vibe of being potential customers but also someone that would be interested in the content you will be creating and publishing via the account. While it is important to have a strong company profile, it is essential to carry the persona with the personal profile so the people engaging with the company have an interest in meeting with the person behind it all.


Set your Goal:

You’ve set up your profile and now you’re all ready to make some contacts and achieve greater things. But what is it that you want to achieve? Do you have a profound goal set? We know this tip might occur as a cliché, but the reason business advisors are repetitive on this particular tip is because it is the most important stage of a business startup. According to a study, more than 50% of the businesses that begin to have a time span of under 5 years. That’s precisely due to the lack of motivation for the destination. 

To reach a destination, you need to determine what it actually is. You need to know what you’re aiming for, what would others be interested in it? This is the stage that initiates your run for business. Traces you on track and makes up a proper strategy to carry things forward from. Once you determine your goal and target audience, you can stir up a formula and prepare yourself for some serious business.


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Come Up with Interesting Posts:

While posting from your profile, the key is to intrigue the audience into engaging with you or your company and shed a mutual interest that would benefit you in the longer run. The posts should not all be about your company’s services or what you have to offer. Show people what they want to see. Respect the time and requirements of the era and make sure to post timely. It induces a sense of realization in the minds of the audience. 

It is always a good idea to make use of pictorial representations to present your post in a better way. According to LinkedIn, posts with images receive 98% more comments than those without. LinkedIn also studied that collages that include 3-4 pictures in one post do exponentially well for pages.

Every social media application has an essence of its own that you have to comply with. Instagram and Snapchat posts could do with a flavor of funk in order to get an idea across, but LinkedIn is mostly crowded with work-driven people. So make a plan, nail your posting structure.


Engage with popular groups:

Another huge advantage of LinkedIn is that it is crowded with the people that have made it. The most successful entrepreneurs and influencers that started from scratch and made their way to the top of the charts, are all available on the platform and often conduct seminars and public talk sessions to interact with the newbies and share their experiences. It is always vital to be a part of such forums and develop your name among the people alike.

So these are our 4 tips to use LinkedIn for business startups, which must be followed in order to climb upper ranks in the LinkedIn community. One of the things that are essential while working at LinkedIn is time. You need to know that all your efforts would take time to process before they bear fruits. Well if you don’t have time, come to us at Dymaxtech and we’ll get you going before you know.


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