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The 10 Best High-Income Skills For 2020 and Beyond

High-Income Skills For 2020

The 10 Best High-Income Skills For 2020 and Beyond

A lot of things over the years have transformed themselves with the subsequent arrival of technological developments, altering many things that were once considered a necessity to now a mere formality. There was a time when possessing a college degree was seen as the absolute pioneer in applying for a job, let alone getting it. But like everything else, this has changed as well with the recruiters now hunting for people with a profound skill-set. There are a lot of skills to choose from in the modern day of today, but what are the best high-income skills that would surely make you excel in the modern industry? Well, that is where this blog steps in. So what are high-income skills?.


High-Income SkillS:

In simple words, high-income skills are your tool for success. It is the kind of skill that has value in the market and comes with the assurance of earning you up to 5 to 6 figures every year. These skills, while they benefit you today, are also a token for taking you forward in the fast-growing world with their essence of being ever-green. These are the skills that you learn by mere practice and do not necessarily need to attend an institution. These skills need time to develop and nourish until you notice the cash flow. So with technological developments swooping in with the change of every hour, what are the best high-income skills that you could hold on to in order to tackle the rapidly transitioning world?.


Table of Content:

  • Copywriting/Creative Writing 
  • Software Developments (Mobile App Development)
  • Graphic & Web Designer
  • Digital Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Online Content Producer (Podcasting)
  • Public Speaking
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computation Skills
  • Blogging


  • Copywriting: 

If you’re creative with words and know how to mend your way into influencing people with them, then this is the job for you. Almost everything, if not all, that is to be sold needs the right set of words to get the attention of the buyers. Who provides those words? The copywriters do. There’s a reason we’ve placed this skill at the top, is because words are the foremost requirement for anything that takes place in this world. The large companies of the world tend to hire creative writers for a hefty paycheck, for they realize how vital writing is in order to brand or sell their product. Top copywriters of the world tend to earn up to 7 figures worth of salary, excluding the bonuses they get from the company if the corresponding product is a success.


  • Software Development:

This is for all the tech geeks out there that share a passionate interest in computer systems. It is often said that this changing world is the right time to be a tech, or more precisely, a computer geek. Software developers know the craft of developing applications and software as per their needs. These are the people that excel in the art of bringing ideas and alterations to the table while having their computer systems do the magic. Software developers, without a doubt, have a high demand in this modern era and could earn up to $100,000 annually, just by doing something they love doing. 


  • Graphic & Web Designers:

If you see a number of creative lines and figures that attract you towards something you did not tend to be attracted to, then there’s a brilliant graphic designer behind the curtain working his way into your mind. A graphic designer has knowledge of the right figures and colors to influence the audience. This is another job where the person gets paid an awful good amount, simply for doing something they love doing.

Web developers introduce you to a whole new world of doing business. In the recent era, the entire world has seen an urge to dumping the conventional forms of conducting business and grabbed on to the more effective, efficient form that is over the internet. Web developers in the modern-day come high in demand for the skills they possess are too valuable. Top web developers in the world are said to be earning over $150,000 on a yearly basis.


  • Digital Marketing:

Quit the hassle of mainstream marketing, go digital. That is the slogan that the Digital marketers carry. In the recent shift of the world, digital marketing has gained a rapid influence among top companies and vendors. If you have a strong command over social media applications and know the tricks of attracting people, then digital marketing is the stop for you. Companies tend to be shifting towards digital marketing for its effective and quick responses, which helps the companies in building stronger relationships with the customers. So if you find yourself in the job field of digital marketing, stick with it. With the right set of tools and experience, you’re guaranteed to do wonders.


  • Affiliate Marketing:

If you’re a part of affiliate marketing, you serve your selling and traffic generating skills and get paid for it. Affiliate marketing is when a company pays you for generating traffic or for selling a product that you signed up for. All you do is put your cunning and creative selling efforts into action and grab huge amounts worth of cash from vendors. The revenue rate is determined by the profit percentage set by the vendor. If you work on 5% of the product sold, then your bank value rises as the product gets sold.


  • Online Content Producer:

You got a creative idea that people would want to see? Film it and post it online. Nowadays people are earning a fortune on online platforms by being creative and coming up with ways to engage with people and meet the criteria of influence through information and entertainment. Pewdiepie, who’s the person with the second-highest subscribers count on Youtube, is one of the highest-paid singular figures of the world right now. He gained fame just by playing horror video games and later on developed into a brand. Ryan Kaji is a child Youtuber that was recorded to have earned $25 Million in 2019, just by posting videos of his daily life affairs. It’s tricky to keep your audience engaged with your content, so if you think you’ve got it takes. This might be the right thing for you.


  • Public Speaking:

Making an audience listen to what you have to say is probably the toughest art to master. That is why public speakers are paid an incredible amount of money to do their jobs. If you have ideas, experiences that you would want to share, influence the lot towards betterment then all you need is an audience, a platform and a title that says Public Speaker next to your name.


  • Artificial Intelligence:

Robots shall take over the world. Why not stand at the pioneer threshold and be the one to develop them? Artificial Intelligence has gained importance in the recent few years with the companies opening up vacancy spots 5 times more than in 2015. So if you shed interest in something so fascinating, sign up for the field.


  • Computation Skills:

Computer analysis is vital for most companies in the world. Anyone with a taste of computation and a passion for solving complex equations and coming to a solution is eligible for this job. Companies tend to look for the best, if you’re well versed in this particular skill, you ARE the best.


  • Blogging:

Blogging has developed itself to be the center of conducting any sort of business in the world. Companies now hire bloggers to help put forward the right credentials for the company’s recognition in the market. You’re high in demand if you’re a good blog writer, so set up a profile and start cashing.


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