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7 ways to increase engagement on Instagram

7 ways to increase engagement on Instagram

Instagram has been pivotal in recent years for top brands of the world to display and maintain a brand face for the general followers. Instagram with its unprecedented photo and video sharing attributes has helped the brand marketers and influencers to engage with the followers in a more eye-catching way. So if you’re new in business and wish to develop a persona for your brand in the minds of your followers, then Instagram is the echoing answer for your appeal. But now the question arises, how do you increase engagement on Instagram? Don’t worry you’re not the only one with that question!

Engagement with the public is truly what triggers your presence on this platform. Better engagement leads to better growth of the profile. A better profile attracts a better number of followers, likes and comments. Instagram is filled with endless opportunities for a person to strategize. We’ve managed to assemble the key figures that would guide you in your venture for a better presence among your followers. Here are the 7 ways to increase engagement on Instagram.


Table of content:

  • Know your audience
  • Be consistent 
  • Use Hashtags
  • Write captivating content
  • Authenticity is Key
  • Interact with your followers
  • Stay in Trend


7 ways to increase engagement on Instagram

  • Know Your Audience:

Probably the most important factor in order to build up a profile. Know who sits at the receiving end of your profile and build a content strategy in accordance to it. Instagram provides its users with a feature to keep track of the followers and get an insight into the likes, dislikes and preferences of the user. This feature is held in high regards by the marketers and influencers on the platform.

7 ways to increase engagement on Instagram
Source: Instaboom


  • Be Consistent:

On Instagram, you are what you visually represent yourself as. So It is important to keep your content in harmony. The instagram profile is the face of your brand so it is important to keep the theme intact in accordance to the colors of your brand.

7 ways to increase engagement on Instagram
Source: Pepsi


It is important to have a strong content posting calendar so that you do not go to the dungeons of your follower’s instagram feed. Posting too much and overfeeding them is also bad for your image so strategize well.


  • Use Hashtags:

Popularity of a post on Instagram revolves around the usage of hashtags. People could use upto 30 hashtags for their posts, with the condition of them being relevant to what is on display.

Use Hashtags
Source: Social Media Examiner


 These hashtags do not have to be in trend, but the basic optimization upon which a person might search to look up something similar. So throw some hashtags in, this isn’t twitter. You’re allowed to!


  • Write captivating content:

Keeping your followers invested is what speaks for your success. And what better way to do it than giving them reasons to stop their thumb and admire what you wrote. Be intriguing with your words and let them know you had fun in giving them a piece of information. The Instagram appearance of influencers revolves around sharing worthy information. Write captivating captions, long but just enough to make them feel comfortable. 

Write captivating content
Source: Bella Foxwell


  • Authenticity is Key:

One of the most surprising outcomes of my study is that followers love the authenticity of your brand. It is crucial for top brands to share their drawbacks and vulnerabilities with the followers instead of keeping the perfect persona. Being authentic buys you loyal customers while developing correlated trust between you and the customer which is crucial for your Instagram life.

Authenticity is Key
Source: Dove


  • Interact with your Followers:

Feedbacks are the food for your profile. Engage with your followers via interactive activities. Host a Q&A, know what they want while telling them what you need. It is important to have an inter conversational relationship with your followers rather than displaying yourself to be a news box. Let them know you’re not a robot.



  • Stay in Trend:

The thing about trends is, they get outdated really fast. And if you come up with something when the trend is out of the system, you come out as lazy to the followers. It is essential to keep up with the trend. Knowing what is in the market, what is keeping people intrigued and shaping your content according to that is the success of your content.

Instagram is a world of its own which is decorated with colors and sparks which if played to advantage, could work wonders for your presence. So are you ready to play with the Instagram tactics of Dymaxtech? Get creative now.


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