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Ray-Ban Stories- Presenting Cool yet Ingenious Smart Glasses

Ray-Ban Stories- Presenting Cool yet Ingenious Smart Glasses

Have you heard of the cool first-generation smart glasses? Yes, we are talking about Ray-Ban stories. These innovative glasses are made in collaboration with Facebook and EssilorLuxottica. Let us give you a brief introduction to Ray-Ban stories. These innovative glasses give you a legitimate way to see the world around you.

As the brand says it all, ‘capture the world as you see it’. You can take photos, record videos, and make calls as well, and that too without taking out your phone. Isn’t it cool and hassle-free? What makes your journey more fun? Music! You can listen to music and podcast with these amazing glasses.

Features of Ray-Ban stories

Smart glasses are the new biggest breakthrough in the wearable gadget world. People have enhanced their lifestyles. Modern lifestyle requires modern solutions. These smart glasses have got brilliant features that could make a difference in this modern techy era. Let’s get into the details of it.

  • Snap photos and shoot videos

The smart glasses have got two front cameras for capturing photos and recording a video. It has a 5MP camera that gives your pictures and videos an authentic depth and dimension.

In short, the resolution and camera quality are amazing. It comes with a button on the side of the arm of the glasses, which you can click to capture a photo. For recording a video, you have to long-press the button. Perhaps, you can only shoot a 30-sec video.

  • Control your glasses with Facebook voice assistant

Do you know the coolest thing about these innovative glasses? You can use them with your voice. With your Facebook assistant voice control, you can use your glasses hands-free.

You don’t have to look down at your phone again and again. What you have to just say is, “Hey Facebook…”“Take a photo”, “Take a video”, “Start Recording” “Capture” and voila!

  • Share your stories with the world

This inventive creation lets you capture spontaneously and share it with the world through the Facebook view app. Install the Facebook view app, log in with your account, follow the guidelines, and connect it with your Ray-Ban stories.

About the Facebook view app, it works as an operating system for your smart glasses. You can say it’s a friendly window to connect with more people socially. Good for introverts! You can share your snaps and videos over there.


  • Listen to the music and calls

Ear pods and air dots can be replaced with these new smart glasses. It comes with speakers on both sides of the frame.

You can connect your glasses with your phone via Bluetooth and can listen to music all day long. You can control the volume with a built touchpad on the side of the frame.

Moreover, you can also make and answer calls. The music or podcast can be played or paused with the help of the touchpad sensor. As a matter of fact, rich voice and sound quality make the calls and video recording even better.

  • LED Lights

There will be a range of lights on the inside of the smart glasses. Every light depicts a piece of different information. Green for fully charged, orange for low battery, blue for pairing a device, red lights mean dead battery or overheating. The front white light right beside the camera shines whenever the glasses are recording.

  • Portable charging case

The authentic smart glasses come along with a portable charging case. The battery run time of these glasses is a maximum of 6 hours if used continuously. However, you don’t have to worry about the dead battery.

You can charge your smart glasses in the portable charging case on the go. Sleek and compact design makes it easy to charge while traveling. Isn’t it great?

Privacy concern

According to Ray-Ban stories, they have kept the privacy of people in mind. They have added numerous features in the smart glasses that allow users to control what they share. In addition to that, white light on the front shines while recording that notifies others that they’ve been recorded. It’s totally within the control of the user. For further guidelines and privacy concerns, visit the Ray-Ban stories privacy site.

Design/ style

These highly innovative smart glasses come in 20 different styles. It comes in classic Ray-ban style, Wayfarer, wayfarer large, round, and meteor. It has five colors, you can choose whatever suits you.

Share socially

The main motive of this creative invention is to connect people seamlessly with each other around the globe. It delivers technology with fashion forward-style. The companion app on Android and iOS makes it easy to import, edit and share content captured on the smart glasses.

You can share that content on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, and more apps. You also have the liberty to save the captured content on your phone’s camera roll.

If you want your hands on the latest wearable technology, the price of the Ray-Ban stories starts from $299. You can get it from any online store as well. Hop on the trend and keep your Ray-Ban stories up to date.  Share your mesmerized and spontaneous moments with the world seamlessly.

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