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3 Trends Changing the Marketing Landscape

3 Trends Changing the Marketing Landscape

3 Trends Changing the Marketing Landscape

The world of marketing has evolved with time and in this technological era things had taken a sharp turn towards automation. The world of technology has progressed drastically in the past few years as things had become advanced and many new revelations are made. The major technological advancement made in the past years can be seen overtaking the current market because of its vast functionalities and its effectiveness. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is the biggest example of the technological advancement that has taken the world by storm. Basically Artificial Intelligence is the ability of the computer to perform tasks that are usually done by humans and to our surprise it had fulfilled the job really well. Gradually we can see that artificial intelligence is taking over the human labor as people prefer chatbots over the human responders. In the world of internet these AI chatbots have turned out to be very effective and efficient as they can be fast and accurate and can also cut down the cost of the human labor. These technological advancements had a major impact on the marketing landscape and presented the businesses with more opportunities to reach their targeted audiences. There are many trends that have changed the marketing landscape but mainly 3 trends must be known to stay ahead of the competitions. Here are the 3 trends of the changing marketing landscape that will help your business grow:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has made the marketing advanced with its capabilities and functionalities by making automated decisions based on the data collection, data analysis and the market trends. AI made it possible for the marketers to automate customer interactions in more dynamic manner. For example, sentiment analysis is the process of using natural language processing to better understand the customer journey based on the tone of their sentences. According to several surveys and reports, almost 80 percent of the business owners believe that their work will be made easier with the AI. With Artificial Intelligence, businesses had grown to a large extent as customer experience can be now be optimized in real time with the help of Passive User Interface. For example, the Spotify acquires passive user interface data from fitness trackers to create customized playlists.

Push Notifications

As discussed above, the technology has really changed the way of marketing and new trends are capturing the market which is more automated, such as push notifications. In this modern era, the major part of a person’s life is spent on their mobile phones which have, somehow, made the email marketing obsolete. Brands now rely more on the push notifications as it is said to be more effective way to capture a customer’s attention and according to research, more than half of the consumers are allowing push notifications on their phones. Push notification is the new trend in the market allowing the brands to gain more subscribers as the opening rate is 90% which is 50% higher than that of email marketing.

Marketing Automation

At its ideal, marketing automation is a mix of software, strategy, and customer-centricity and it is the most involved trend of marketing in this decade. It permits you to support possibilities with exceptionally customized, valuable content that helps convert possibilities to enchanted clients, and clients to steadfast backers. To take advantage of marketing automation, organizations should weave automation all through their business to stall storehouses and join groups with processes that save time. Joined with the human touch, marketing automation can make a flywheel that keeps your business developing. With marketing automation, you can be explicit with regards to what every client sees. From publicizing to email marketing, use your buyer personas along with behavioral targeting to only send the information each prospect or customer needs. Clients are shy of time – automation helps quit wasting time by utilizing the data you’re already gathering to feature the most appropriate content at the ideal opportunity.

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