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Instagram adds two new chronological feeds

Instagram adds two new chronological feeds

Instagram, last year, announced that they are working on a new chronological feed option for the users. At that time no one knew the exact launch date for the feed and it was expected that they will be launching it at the start of this year. The company owned by Meta, previously known as Facebook, made good on that promise and launched the feed earlier this week which is still in the testing phase. The launch of these feeds is still not available for the users yet but soon they will be able to enjoy the major change in the app.

Instagram is one of the biggest photo and video sharing applications in the market with billions of users globally. Facebook bought the application in 2012 for $1 billion before that it was an independent company with only 13 employees. Since 2012, major changes in the application were seen and attracted many people from around the world. The application is now used for different purposes like promotions and advertisements which are done through photo and video sharing only. This change in the feed will attract a lot of customers as they will be able to customize the feed according to their interests and see what they want. The new feed comes with two different options which are discussed in the following passage.

Feed Options

The new chronological sorting options of the Instagram feed serve as additional choices alongside the standard feed which was used in the last versions. The first new option is labeled “Favorites” and it allows you to choose up to 50 accounts and see the posts from these accounts in a dedicated chronological feed. This is a good option introduced by the platform as it solves a major problem that was faced by the users previously. The issue that was faced by the users as they often missed the posts by their friends or families as posts from celebrities and influencers came on top. This new feed option will allow the users to select the people whose posts they want to see and never miss out on things from their family and friends.

Luckily, this isn’t the only option available to Instagram users. If a user wants to sort your entire feed in chronological order, that’s also an option now. This option is referred to as the “Following” feed, this shows the posts of everyone you follow in chronological order. This will also allow the users to see the posts from the people they are following. In this option, instead of selecting only a few, you will be able to see the posts from your entire list of following that will be displayed in chronological order.

While it is nice to see the new changes on the feed where users can customize the feed according to their needs, there’s a major caveat. Instagram will not remove the home feed which was used previously as the only option but will keep that as the default feed. People will be able to change the feed accordingly by going into the application settings. This allows Instagram not to scare the previous users and left them all confused and clueless.

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