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The Ultimate Car Lease Negotiation Strategy

DymaxTech had the pleasure of collaborating with Jim Beaver, on the creation of a compelling book cover for his publication, “The Ultimate Car Lease Negotiation Strategy.” The objective was clear—to design a high-quality cover that seamlessly caters to Kindle, Print, and eBook formats while embodying the essence of effective car lease negotiations.

Book Cover Process

In the initial phase, our team at DymaxTech delved into the core concept of the book, understanding its intricate details, and visualizing the key elements that would resonate with the target audience.

Sketching played a pivotal role in this stage, allowing us to experiment with various visual representations, exploring the dynamic interplay of car lease imagery, negotiation symbolism, and the overall theme of empowerment. The layout of “The Ultimate Car Lease Negotiation Strategy” underwent meticulous planning. We aimed for a minimalist design that conveys sophistication and professionalism, mirroring the strategic approach advocated within the book.

Striking the right balance between abstraction and representation, the graphics not only capture attention but also convey a sense of expertise and authority—key qualities emphasized in the negotiation strategy presented in the book.

Type and Colour

Typography played a crucial role in aligning with the book’s theme. We opted for a clean and modern font, ensuring readability across various formats.
The color palette, predominantly composed of subtle yet impactful hues, was chosen to evoke trust, professionalism, and a sense of reliability—attributes that align seamlessly with the strategic insights offered by Jim Beaver, in the book.

Oswald – SemiBold

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