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Project Type

Logo Design for Class Reunion

Logo Name

Surrattsville High School Class of 2002

About Surrattsville

The Surrattsville High School Class of 2002 approached DymaxTech, seeking a distinctive and captivating logo for their upcoming 20-year reunion. With a desire for an attention-grabbing, bold, and modern design, the client expressed interest in incorporating elements of pop culture or pop art to create a logo that could seamlessly extend into their overall branding.


The challenge was to create a logo that not only commemorated the 20th reunion but also resonated with the pop art theme and reflected the spirit of the class.


DymaxTech took on the challenge, understanding the need for a design that would be both timeless and relevant to the peers of the Class of 2002. The team initiated the creative process with a comprehensive questionnaire to gather essential information about the client's vision, preferences, and key elements to be incorporated.

Safe Area

The safe area for the logo design was established to ensure its visibility and legibility. Clear guidelines were set to maintain the integrity of the logo in various applications.




Oswald Regular

Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ef Gg Hh li Jj
Kk LI Mn Nn Oo Pp Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Xx Yy Zz

0123456789 -?*=()’&%$#!:,

Dark Green

RGB: 0, 66, 39
Hex: #004227
CMYK: 90%, 44%, 89%, 54%

Light Green

RGB: 0, 146, 69
Hex: #009245
CMYK: 86%, 18%, 100%, 4%


RGB: 153, 155, 154
Hex: #999b9a
CMYK: 43%, 34%, 35%, 1%


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