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Project Overview

DymaxTech collaborated with Social Exposure, a dynamic social media agency, to revamp their pitch deck design for a grand relaunch. This case study explores the journey from conceptualization to refinement, showcasing the evolution of a cutting-edge presentation that aligns seamlessly with Social Exposure’s vibrant new branding.

Project Phases

Phase 1: Client Brief and Initial Design

Social Exposure sought a visually captivating portfolio that aligns with its revamped brand identity. Key instructions included vibrant colors, playful design elements, and a departure from conventional layouts.

Phase 2: Iterative Refinement

Iterative adjustments to color schemes, typography, and layout were made according to the client’s feedback. Specific instructions for image replacements, cropping, and the strategic placement of logos and iconography were followed.

What We Received?

DymaxTech received the client's branding guidelines, logo, color palette, and inspirational examples to kick-start the design process.

Challenges Faced

The major challenge for us was to ensure vibrant and playful design elements while adhering to brand guidelines and ensuring uniformity in color schemes throughout the deck.

Solutions Applied

To keep everything on track, regular communication was maintained with the client. This way, we get to know about multiple revisions to align design with client expectations. Also, we prioritized the inclusion of Social Exposure's logo, iconography, and brand colors for a cohesive and branded aesthetic.

Project Outcome

Cover Page Transformation

Turquoise background, Aquamarine color, Slanted Social Exposure logo, and lightning bolt/star iconography.

Client-Specific Adjustments

Splitting The BB samples into two slides for enhanced readability and crafting a thank-you page with high-res imagery and essential contact information.

Content Refinement

Segregation of "The Ask" and "What We Achieved" for improved readability and replacing low-resolution client logos with higher-quality alternatives.


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